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TS TradePlan Indicator


The TS TradePlan Indicator, available for NinjaTrader 7, NinjaTrader 8, SierraChart, TradeStation, eSignal, MultiCharts and MultiCharts.NET platforms, enables automatic plotting of the current day's TS #'s and Execution/Target Zones on to your charts. 



Designed with ease of use in mind. Once the indicator is loaded onto your chart nothing is required of the user. There are no files to download or update — the indicator automatically updates each trading session with data from the current TS TradePlan.


Highly Customizable

The TS TradePlan indicator is pre-programmed color wise the way we use it, but it is also highly customizable enabling the trader to set up the TS #''s, Execution/Target Zones, LIS, and MTS in any color or size they prefer. You can also customize text size, line width and shading, among other features.  

Price Alerts

It also gives the trader the ability to set custom audio alerts for when price hits a TS # or comes within a specified number of ticks of a TS # or the start of an Execution/Target Zone. This enables the trader to step away from the screens while still being alerted when price moves to a level they may want to execute at.


Smart Design

With one simple click traders can quickly glance at the day's compete TS TradePlan, including all of the TS #'s, Contract Notes, Macro Technical View, and Execution/Target Zones, in the same written format as the TraderSmarts desktop app, right from chart.


Back Data

The TS TradePlan Indicator displays TS TradePlan data going all the way back to 2012. This enables you to go back and view price action at the TS #'s and Execution/Target Zones from prior trading days. A great learning tool and excellent for studying context as well as back testing.


7-Day Trials

The TS TradePlan Indicator is available to trial for 7 days. See the pricing page.

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