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How Can I Get Started with TS TradePlan?

1. Select my TS TradePlan Instruments.

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Save over 35% / I Get 4 Months Free Each Year

10-Day Trial

Single instruments $77 / month
All Instruments $347 / month

Single instruments $597 / year
All instruments $2777 / year

Single instruments / $47 trial
All instruments / $97 trial

2. License the TS TradePlan Indicator for my charting / trading platform. Trials include indicator use.

NinjaTrader 7


NinjaTrader 8





Any Platform

$397 single platform lifetime license.         $597 multi platform lifetime license.

3. Add TS Futures and/or TS Options. Our private client feed for live market analysis and trading setups.

Add TS Futures

$247 / month

Add TS Futures

$1997 / year

 Add TS Options

TS Options

$297 / closed

After signing up I will receive my welcome email and simple setup instructions. 

“I'm very impressesd with your CL TS TradePlan - and the way you do business!! - Thomas Bech
“I have been a client for 3 years and I would not choose to be without the consistently accurate numbers that you provide.” – Loyd Massey

What I Need To Know

1. The TraderSmarts App is included with all TS TradePlans. With the TraderSmarts App I will have access to the current day's trading plan and all of the prior trading plans. 

2. All 2-Week TS TradePlan Trials come with full use of the TS TradePlan Indicator for the charting / trading platform of my choice (NinjaTrader 7, NinjaTrader 8, SierraChart, TradeStation, eSignal, MultiCharts or MultiCharts.NET) during the trial.

3. After the 2-Week Trial, to continue using the TS TradePlan Indicator, I will need to license it for my desired platform or buy a universal platform license.


4. All Annual Plans are interchangeable. For example, if I am a client that has ES on an annual plan and I want to switch to NQ, I can switch. Monthly plans are not interchangeable. 

“Tony has been an amazing mentor and educator for me.” – Audrey Hildreth
“His service has given me a lot more confidence in my own trading.” – Harry Palter

Note: Above rates are for individual users and cover the E-mini S&P-500 Futures ES, E-mini Dow Futures YM, E-mini Nasdaq 100 Futures NQ, E-mini Russell 2000 Futures RTY, Euro Futures 6E, Oil Futures CL and Gold Futures GC. If you require company-wide rates for TS TradePlan or TS Trades (our Private Client Feed) or Custom TS Analysis on a specific market that we don't currently cover, please contact us directly at

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