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       TS TradePlan


The flagship daily trade plan for ES, YM, NQ, RTY, 6E, CL, GC futures. If you trade the Dow, S&P-500, NASDAQ 100, Russell 2000, Euro, Oil, or Gold — welcome home. 


There are four main components of TS TradePlan:


1. TraderSmarts Numbers (or TS #'s).

2. Contract Notes

3. Macro Technical View

4. Execution/Target Zones 


Each of these are described in detail below. 


We send our “TS TradePlan Primer” PDF to every TS TradePlan client to give you a thorough understanding of how we utilize TS TradePlan to establish market context and directional bias and stay on the profitable side of price action throughout the trading day.

Precise Support and Resistance Based Trading Plans...
“His levels are uncannily accurate, many times to the tick.” – Adam Pettit
“Your numbers and lessons are priceless.” – John Lambert
Understanding The Main Components Of TS TradePlan
6 main components.png 2.png
“It is extremely helpful having a 'roadmap' / context of high probable support and resistance areas on a variety of contracts.” – Jason Gorham
“Thought I would let you know I have been profitable in my first week with your program!” – John Feld
Market Analysis + Trade Alerts Posted in Advance with thesis, risk & targets.
Hit & Run Setups

Our private private discord room where we post Hit & Run Setups, other setups, help you establish market context and directional bias for the current session and help keep you on the profitable side of market direction.


Markets traded: Mostly ES CL GC


E-mini Dow YM

E-mini S&P-500 ES

E-mini NASDAQ 100 NQ

E-mini Russell 2000 RTY

Euro Futures 6E

Oil Futures CL

Gold Futures GC


Other futures markets are traded on occasion. 


Learn how we manage risk by seeing how we strategically trade and campaign around the TS #'s and Execution/Target Zones featured in TS TradePlan. 


Note: We send our "How We Trade" PDF to every Hit & Run Setups client to give you a more comprehensive understanding of our trading philosophy.

“Your knowledge and ability to execute consistently profitable trades throughout the day is like nothing I have come across yet.” – Casey Phelan

Hit & Run Setups is an alert service that is focused on direct hit and run setups and additional trading setups that are more market context based and in alignment with a bigger intraday thesis. See the description to the left and below.


Number of Setups per Session: There will be an average of 3-5 setups per session. These Hit & Run Setups occur often throughout the session but we will be focused on sticking to the quality setups, based on bigger picture context, giving each setup a better opportunity to result in a potential runner.


Risk: Risk on ES trades will never be more than 12 ticks or 3 points. Risk on CL trades will never be more than 22 ticks. Risk is specific to each setup and will vary, often being much less than the maximum designated risk. Sometimes 2 risk spots will be given. The first being aggressive risk the second being conservative risk. 


Targets: Hit & run setups are designed to expect an IMMEDIATE reaction at the entry point with very little heat upon entry. Once 10 + ticks ITM for CL or 8 + ticks / 2 + points ITM for ES profits are expected to be taken with the option of positions going open risk off and looking for RUNNERS. 

Market Context & Directional Bias: These are extremely important in everything we do and will be touched on throughout the session, thus helping to keep you on the profitable side of direction with a thorough understanding of current context.

Session Times: Main: 8 AM CT CL Pit Open - 10:30 CT European close. Secondary: If there is decent enough volatility the session may extend until the 3 PM CT U.S. cash close.


Why this Service: In my 20 + years of trading the one thing I've found that most people want is ALERTS (fish) vs learning how to fish. This is an opportunity to provide alerts (fish), while also teaching how to find these hit and run setups. 

Trade Alert Examples: Trade alerts will look like this in Discord. L ES 4524.5 R 4522. S CL 77.28 R 77.37. For an alert with an aggressive risk and conservative risk it will look like this: L ES 4524.5 AR 4522 CR 4521.5


Learning: We have a channel in Discord dedicated to annotated charts showing the why behind each setup posted so you can learn to find these on your own.

“Kind of felt like I was back in the pit with the last two trades.” – David @govtrade
“Thanks to you Tony. You changed my trading life! - Rajesh Rangaraj
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