Frequently Asked Questions. 


01   What markets does TS TradePlan cover?

We trade the S&P-500, Dow Jones, NASDAQ 100, Euro, Oil and Gold. The specific instruments are YM E-mini Dow futures, ES E-mini S&P-500 futures, NQ E-mini NASDAQ 100 futures, RTY Russell 2000 futures, 6E Euro FX futures, CL Crude Oil futures, and GC Gold futures. 


02   What if I only want TS TradePlan for ES and nothing else? 

We are pleased to offer single instruments for TS TradePlan. Simply visit our pricing page.


03   Do you offer analysis for any other markets?

Yes. On a custom basis we provide TS TradePlan type analysis for all liquid markets including all futures, options, and equities markets. Please contact us with your request. 


04   What time is TS TradePlan posted for clients?

TS TradePlan is posted for clients prior to the London open. Usually it is posted a couple hours after the U.S. cash close. It is valid for Europe, United States, and Asian trading until the next day's trading plan is posted.


05   Why not post closer to the U.S. open if you are U.S. based?

The markets are increasingly global and futures trade roughly 24/6. Many originating moves start during Globex hours. (See Q # 07)). Additionally, there is a huge advantage for U.S. based traders to be able to see how the markets have reacted to the trade plan during the overnight trade. Often when I wake up and see how price has traded in relation to the plan it is like "lightbulbs" popping off in regarding clarity of what to likely expect for U.S. cash session. 


06   What time is TS Trades active?

The short answer is roughly 24/6. We will take trades anytime during the Globex session. However most activity takes place between 5 - 9 AM PST (8 AM - 12 PM EST). See the next question. 


07  When is the best time to trade?

There are two specific time periods for futures that offer the best opportunity based on volatility. The first being 5 - 9 AM PST (8 AM - 12 PM EST). which covers most major U.S. economic releases, the 6E Euro FX futures, CL Crude Oil futures, and GC Gold futures pit opens, the U.S. cash open and the London close. The second best time to trade is 11 PM - 2 AM PST (2 AM - 5 AM EST) which covers the London open. The significance of the London open is we often get originating moves in instruments like 6E Euro FX futures, CL Crude Oil futures and GC Gold futures based around the London open.


08   Do you have any indicators?

Yes. We have the TS TradePlan Indicator that is available for NinjaTrader 7, NinjaTrader 8, SierraChart, TradeStation, eSignal, MultiCharts and MultiCharts.NET. The indicator automatically plots the current day's TS #'s and Execution/Target Zones on your charts as well as allows you to pull up the current day's written TS TradePlan.


10   What if I trade spot Forex EURUSD, can I use the 6E TS TradePlan?
          Yes, you can, the EURUSD and 6E trade in unison. However consider trading futures vs spot FX.

11   Can I trade SPY, DIA, QQQ, IWM, FXE, USO, GLD using TS TradePlan? 

          Yes, you can, if you can make the correlation. I find SPY, DIA and GLD the easiest to correlate and I trade options on them.

12   How can I get started?

Simply visit our pricing page and select the client option that is best for you. Or use the green "Start My 2-Week Trial" button above.  

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