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“You've really helped me to create a turning point in my trading experience.” – Gerald Deer

The flagship daily trading plan and trade alerts for ES YM NQ RTY 6E CL GC futures. If you trade the S&P-500, Dow, NASDAQ 100,  Russell 2000, Euro, Oil or Gold — Welcome Home.

We offer custom technical analysis for institutions, hedge funds, CTAs, prop desks, and independent traders, Contact us if you trade something other than ES YM NQ RTY 6E CL GC and require custom TS TradePlan type analysis for your specific market:

If you are new to our services the fastest and best way to see how TS TradePlan + TS Trades (our Private Client Feed) can help your trading is to sign up for a single instrument or the ALL plan.

“The real time Twitter alerts and nightly TS TradePlan are really useful and insightful.” – Nate Barasoum


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